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My Name is M C Walters, and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Winning Systems.   I originally created this web site as a means of sharing tips and information relating to roulette and craps systems as well as other casino gaming strategies, tips and gambling systems.  It will also contain information on how to obtain casino comps and perks.

Please enjoy your visit and return often.

I have enjoyed traveling and gambling throughout the Eastern U.S. and Caribbean for more than 20 years now.  I have played craps and roulette in dozens of casinos during this time, I have used a number of systems and had various levels of success.  Using my experiences at the tables and many hours of research, I eventually developed  "MC's Winning Roulette System."  I have been selling this system by mail and on the internet since 1994.  It is not a "Get Rich Quick" system and you will not break the bank using it.  However, it is a proven winning roulette strategy and you can play (and win) with a starting bank as low as $50.00.  It is possible to win over $130.00 in an hour playing $5.00 per spin.  This roulette system minimizes the casino's advantage allowing you to win consistently.  Of course if you have the means to place larger bets, your wins will be significantly larger.    But I can't stress this enough....

"Never Bet More Than You Can Afford!"

   -=NEW=-  Many of the visitors to this and my original web site, have asked why I have not released my craps system The reason is simple, I just have not had the time....     Until now!    Over the Past few years, I have been using and developing a system for reducing the "house edge" on the craps tables.  The result is a system that I use regularly and do very well with!  With a $250 buy in, it is possible to make up to $200 in a single session.  And this can be done over and over.  In fact, I have shown a profit in an average of five out of six sessions. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

The top ten questions I am asked most often are:

10   Q: Does your system win every time?
A: No, but you will win more "sessions" than you lose!  If any system says it will win "every time", DON'T TRUST IT!  There is absolutely NO SYSTEM that is going to win 100% of the time.


9   Q: Does your system use some sort of progression?
A: No, Each bet is the same amount as the bet before.


8   Q: Can I use your system to play on-line casinos?
A: You can, however, anyone who has talked to me knows that I personally prefer the atmosphere of the live casino experience.  I enjoy mingling with other players and talking with the casino staff.  If you decide to play on-line, be sure to choose a reputable and well established casino.  Also check to be sure that on-line gambling is not illegal in your jurisdiction.  On-line play can proceed much quicker than live play in a casino and you can spend a large amount of "credits / tokens" in a very short span of time.  Gamble Responsibly!  Never bet more than you can afford.


7   Q: Does your system work with even money bets?
A: No, my system, unlike most others, is based on "inside bets".


6   Q: Can you use your system with a progression system like "The Martingale" or "The d’Alembert "?
A:  I don't recommend using a progression system in conjunction with my system.  Most progressions are based on playing the "outside" (2-1 or even money bets) and would defeat the purpose of my system which is designed to minimize loss and provide maximum gains on a win.


5   Q: How long does a session last using you system?
A: A session may last as long as an hour (35-45 spins) on a busy table.  However, there are times when you will cut the session off early due to reaching your win/loss limit or the change of a dealer.


4   Q: Is your system hard to use?
A: No, you can be winning just hours after receiving my system!


3   Q: How much can I expect to win?
I have won as much as $400 in one hour playing $5 chips.  Most people using $1 chips will average $35 - $45 per hour.


2   Q: Do I need a large bank roll?
A: You can start with as little as $50!   I recommend starting with a $100 bankroll split into two $50 session bankrolls when playing $0.50 or 1.00 chips.


1   Q: If your system is so good why are you selling it to others?
There is no reason not to share my system(s) [roulette and craps] with others.  You are not competing with me, you and I are both competing against the casino.  Whether you win or lose, use my system or not, does not affect my outcome.  I am still going to win the same amount whether you choose to use my system or not!




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Copyright © 1994-2008  MC Walters - All Rights Reserved.